Candi35 (35)

I want it up the ass... It's not gross, so don't tell me that. If you're not man enough to do it then just move along.

Sarah37 (37)

I love taking off my shirt and flashing guys in college. They always enjoy what they see and try to thank me as much as they can. It's my dream to flash at a sporting event and just let all of the horny guys in the parking lot fuck me.

Jesse39 (39)

I'm a married woman with a normal life. That doesn't mean that I'm a normal woman, LOL. I have some deep fetishes that I can't share with my husband. He's far too gentle to explore them, anyway. He's just not a part of that world, but I am and I need someone else who is.

dollKalea (32)

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Nicole32 (32)

I'm a horny wife and I need a horny guy to help me out. My husband doesn't do the things that I need. He just makes me jerk him off every other day and calls it my wifely duties... I'm tried of it. I want to be fucked hard. I want my hair pulled. I want to be called a filthy whore when you drop your load deep into my married pussy :)

Brenda18 (29)

So, I've decided that I'm going to finally have sex with my stepdad. He's always been super hot and super nice to me LOL :) I'm finally 18 and it's time. I know that he'll enjoy it. I've stolen his phone and taken nude pics for him before. I know he saw them and jerked off to them. I just want to make sure I'm good at sex first. Can someone teach me how to do it?


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