SternStella (34)

I'm a very stern Mistress and I'm looking for a new slave to train. You'll spend all of your time on your knees in from of me. You won't be allowed to stand until after you've completed all of your tasks. You'll be expected to follow all of my orders to the letter. If you're ready to truly serve me, then send me a message.

NewBoobsSeekYounger (34)

I have a brand new set of boobs and I'm looking for a couple of younger guys to break them in for me ;) You have to be a little gentle at first, but then you can really get into it. You can suck them and play with them all you want, but I really want to see how they do with a good, old fashioned titty fucking. Do you think you can help me out?

PrimpedForDick (39)

I'll make sure that I look nice and pretty for you. Take me out and show me a good time. Then I'll take that young, stiff cock of yours in any hole you want ;)

MissHeidi (39)

Don't bother messaging me unless you're ready to serve me. I will be your Mistress and nothing else. You'll have to kneel before me and never expect me to let you get up. Your main task will be to lick my heels clean at the end of each and every day. If you're very, very good at it, I just may let you use once of my thick and satisfying toys in your asshole while I watch and laugh.

GymSlut (32)

Working out turns me on because I know that I'm working on making my body and sexy. It gets me stares and that's really what I love. I want to be desired by every person on the planet. Sometimes I stare at the mirror while I'm working out just so I can catch other guys staring at me? Is that wrong?

TrophyWife (32)

I'm your typical trophy wife with plenty of time on my hands. I'd like to fill them with young, hot balls.

HereToHump (29)

Not looking for a relationship. I don't want to meet your family. I don't want to start a family. I just want to hump. The internet used to be filled with guys looking for casual sex. Now I can't find anywhere. What happened? There has to be someone left who just wants to get laid like me.


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